It is time to Annie MurphyTo complete the task.

Trailer for the final and second season Kevin Can F**k Himself, premiering August 22 on AMC, features Allison (Murphy) pivoting to a new plan after she tried—and failed!—to kill husband Kevin (Eric Petersen(season one)

Allison is aware that she will have to be innovative if her goal to outdo Kevin is to succeed. 

So, Allison again entrusts the help of neighbor Patty (Mary Hollis InbodenAllison was urged to do so by (

This is when Allison Googling “fake my own death” in a public library comes up.  

That qualifies, we’d argue.

Allison informs Patty that the duo, an unlikely pair, is carrying out their new plan. 

Everybody deserves someone to help them escape their husband on cable.

The trailer ends with Allison going six feet under herself, falling backwards into an empty grave. You need to be cautious in these graveyards at night.