There is nothing that says “amore” like having all of your angles.
Fans think so, at least when it comes down to Kim Kardashian Pete DavidsonOne of her recent bikini photos was the reason. Kim set her Instagram ablaze on January 17th when she shared three pictures of her frolicking at the beach in her bikini. She captioned each photo, “Mother Nature.”
But it was the third photo itself that seem to catch everyone’s attention since there was a noticeable shadow in the photo behind the lens, and for fans—that could only be one person.
Another person commented, “The shadow is Pete. We all agree right.” One person added that Pete would not be able to see the shadow again. Another follower added, “Not me zooming in on the shadow photographer to check if Pete was there.”
All small social media investigations aside, the assumption of boyfriend-turned-photographer wouldn’t be that far-fetched considering the budding romance between the two seems to be going pretty strong.