Sydney Sweeney And Maude Apatow I have literally never been happier.

Season finale on HBOEuphoriaCassie Howard, Lexi Howard’s sister onscreen, had an intense battle. However, behind-the scenes the actors who played them had a lot of fun.

Sydney actually revealed to us that Sydney and her husband were laughing so hard before they shot the scene.

“Right before [that]Scene, we watched the video of us at Creative Emmys presenting. [in 2019]Sydney shared that we were completely frozen and started laughing at it. People. “There were tears running down my face.”

Maude stated, “I don’t think that I’ve ever laughed as hard in all my life.” This was what we were trying to do. [to the audience in the scene]We were crying and laughing, but they didn’t understand why.

Maude doesn’t seem to mind that breaking character isn’t a new thing. 

“I can’t hold it together sometimes,” continued the actress. “Everyone is constantly messing up with me, because I’m so easy for everyone to mess with.”