CelebHomes resolves the age-old question. Do you prefer to do your hair or your make-up first? Give your reasons.
CF: Of course, makeup. I’m from theatre, and your makeup goes on first, and then your hair and clothes will make more sense. I really believe this—me with a full face of makeup makes me know if a hair look really works or not!

CelebHomes What songs help you feel the best when getting ready?
CF: Music is necessary, especially when I do my natural hair. Every day my hair has her own attitude, and my patience is not always at a high level, so fun music like “JEWELZ” from Anderson PaakOr some other school Patti LaBelleIt’s like the song “If You Only Knew”.

CelebHomes: Are there any beauty products or application techniques that professionals have used on set that you now use when you get ready on your own? 
CF: I finally add heavy press powder to my concealer under my eyes! Why did it take me so long?!