Why Emily Ratajkowski Didn’t Want to Write About “Blurred Lines”

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Ratajkowski, meanwhile, said she’s faced plenty of “backlash” ever since her essay excerpt made headlines. 

Ratajkowski said that it was “a very difficult couple of days” on Twitter. “But you know, I felt like it was really important because for so long I talked about one side of my experience, which was me having so much fun, being on the set with a bunch of women—which is also true and I guess that’s sort of what the book is about.”

She said, “These parts aren’t visible on Instagram. They’re not what you see when you Google something. This is the reality of how it feels to be a model or a commodity.”

Ratajkowski addresses this cultural commodification women all through My Body, reflecting on her childhood, career and eventually, the birth of her son SlyShe and her producer husband are. Together, she and her husband are producers. Sebastian Bear-McClard welcomed him in March, and as Ratajkowski revealed in a recent interview with ELLEShe was originally relived that she would have a boy instead of a girl.