Yet Casper being beloved by a generation, Christina RicciChristina Ricci was haunted by the performance she made in the film of the 1990s.

To the extent that it Yellowjackets star is concerned, she did not do a very convincing job in the role as Kat, the young teen who befriends the titular ghost. You should actually see it. Casper,On the August 15th episode of The Script, the actress stated that she was “terrible in it”. Marc Maron: WTF? podcast. People get upset when I tell that.”

Ricci does not appreciate the film, however. According to Ricci at 42 years old, “I think it is a great movie.” It is a treasured childhood film. But I am terrible in it.”

Ricci was just 13 years old when she began filming Casper, which also starred a then-teen star Devon Sawaas the main character. He earned over $100 million in domestic sales.

According to the actress, “There were many things going on.” Marc MaronAbout the time that she shot the film. “I was 13. “Everything was difficult. I was annoyed all the time.”

Ricci stated, “Embarrassingly…I do not think that I made as much effort as I could have.”