Matt AltmanHe is standing by his wife. 

The Million Dollar Listing: Los AngelesAgent was seen with Johanna Altman as they did some shopping on Aug. 17, the same day news broke that she had been arrested earlier this month and charged with felony domestic violence, according o booking records obtained by CelebHomes News.

Matt and Johanna were out in Van Nuys (Calif.) when Matt spoke briefly over the phone while they exited a hardware store. He wore a red t-shirt and gray shorts, while Joanna donned a black top and jacket with gray sweats. The two were also seen having a chat in the car park.

Matt quickly responded to CelebHomes News with a statement. “We ask everyone please respect our privacy about this.” My wife and I have struggled with the loss of our father, Covid, a few months back. We are now going through difficult times because of it.