Chris PineThe popularity of’s updated look is increasing among fans.

CelebHomes News obtained a new photo of the actor at 41 years old. He continued to sport his long beard and full-length hair as he sipped coffee in Los Angeles, California on March 7. Chris was casually dressed in a black hoodie with shorts.

Chris’s long hair and thick beard were first revealed in February when he was spotted at lunch. For many, the change may be a surprise to those who have been used to seeing Chris with a short haircut and clean shave.

Even though this new design is no longer so popular, it still sparks a frenzy on social media.

Users of social media were quick to express their opinion. An Instagram user wrote, “Not mad at it!” A second commenter said, “I really didn’t think that he could get more hotter than your last post him. BUT HE DID.”