It’s not enough to just believe us. The seat cushion has been named an Amazon’s Choice product and thousands of people have given it five-star reviews.

One customer said, “You won’t be disappointed.” This product has been a lifesaver. This is a short review: For almost three months, I’ve been using the product every day. This product has eliminated all of my pain in the tailbone. This product is worth every penny. It will be a great decision.

“FINALLY I HAVE SOME RELIEF! My chronic back pain has been a constant problem for more than 10 years. I also have excruciating sciatica. Sciatica is intermittent and constant. Some days it lasts for just a few hours while others can last for several weeks. Over the years I have tried many pillows, but this one is my favorite for a good night’s sleep. I currently use this on my computer, but it can also be used on my recliner. The sciatica isn’t concerned about the comfort of the chair. With sciatica, they all work the same. “This really has helped my, and now I want to purchase an additional cushion for my car,” shared a friend of the cushion.

A third said “WORTH EVERY PONENY!” I’ll make it short, this product has kept me from needing to visit a chiropractor each week.

Amazon customer said that he bought the product after reviewing it and having tried several other products. Without it, I couldn’t get by. In December, I was thrown and broke my pelvis. I could only be comfortable lying on an adjustable bed. It gets boring! My life was a lot easier after I bought the ComfiLife Comfort Seat Cushion. The ComfiLife Comfort Seat Cushion has allowed me to sit down, eat out with my friends, or even use the computer. I have a friend who suffered the same accident several years ago & after she tried my cushion at lunch one day, she ordered two; one for the house & one for the car. It has been recommended to many friends who have different types of back problems.

Another customer said, “I suffer from sciatica. This helps me to relax when I sit.” You can make your own memory foam cushions for the office or to put on your couch. It is easy to feel the difference.

Finally, relief from pain when you sit all day. This cushion works well on all types of chairs. It can be used for office, dining, and table chairs. It doesn’t get flattened out and supports you all day. It is my favorite cushion for sitting without pain, and I give it five stars.

This review sums up the situation: “I’ve suffered from chronic back pain for more than 10 years and severe sciatica. Sciatica is intermittent and constant. It can be for only a few minutes or for several months. This is the most comfortable pillow I have ever used for sitting relief. This one is currently on my computer chair. However, I have also used it on my recliner as my sciatica does not care about how comfy the chair. With sciatica, they all work the same. This has really helped me. I think about buying an extra one for my vehicle.