Cheryl Burke believes in the power of therapy, especially when it came to her relationship with Matthew Lawrence.


“My soon-to be ex-husband went to therapy even before we got married,” said the Dancing With the StarsPro explains on her June 20 podcast episode Burke and the Game. “I am a big advocate of therapy, so I forced him to go. Communication was also improved by it. From beginning to end, it was uniform.”

Their nearly three-year-long marriage was saved by it, but not enough. 

Cheryl told guest, “When you reach the point where you feel you have done it all and realize that we are evolving and perhaps not together.” Laura Wasser, Hollywood’s go-to divorce attorney. “And you still have this issue, like, ‘Okay, well, the communication may have to stop for a little bit because this is too much to handle,’ do you suggest hiring an attorney at that point?”