Despite her struggles, Erika seems to be enjoying the present moment. “I was able to start from scratch and have a break from a nearly 20-year old marriage. I almost erased the slate clean,” she stated. It’s my life, and I have to rebuild it. This is when I tell you “no”, because it’s frightening and that I don’t know what to do. “I’m trying to make it happen.

It’s clear that she is making this happen in the season. RHOBH. While she had an admittedly tough go last year as news broke that she and her now-estranged husband were facing (and continue to face) fraud and embezzlement accusations, Erika revealed on Daily Pop that since all of her co-stars were eager to concern themselves with her business, she’s returning the favor—and then some. She said that she is actually “overdoing” it, and it makes her feel great. 

She thinks that is how cast members view it. Erika stated that she is “coasting” through this season, and will be reunited at the reunion. There may be one bump along the way, though: the cast trip to Aspen, Colorado.