Bob said that he had suffered a slight heart attack. confirmed in a July 30 tweet. Rosa Estrada and doctors who were able fix the blockage with minimal surgery saved my life.  

He continued, “Thank you. My family and my friends for being there this week. For the love and concern shown to me by everyone.  It’s overwhelming. It’s overwhelming, but I can feel it. 

Bob explained that Bob was released from the hospital and that regulations were put in place by the network to allow him to return safely to work.   

To recover, I had to take a five week break. Then when I came back, my shooting was limited to twelve-hour days.” he explained. The Hollywood Reporter. “They looked after me and made sure I got through it. 

He did however mention that he can’t recall much of the period before and after his illness.  

It’s rare that something I’m watching is one I have no memory of. You usually watch one, so you can recall some even though it has been months old. “But in this instance, it’s so complete blank,” he said to the outlet. It’s quite strange. It’s quite strange to lose about one week. It’s clean and simple. 

To save his fellow rescuers, he also stressed the need to learn CPR. 

His explanation was that “I didn’t get my heart rate for 18 mins after this began, which is a very long time.” NPR. “Please take a CPR class because the fact that it was done almost immediately —within a minute and minute and a half—and it was done so well, it was done properly—that’s what really saved me.”