As Taylor Swift This relationship, as I’d say, “got lost in translation.”

OrMaybe it was the masterpiece of all time. XimenaIt was all taken apart. MikeTLC: Ximena and Ximena’s Relationship The 90 Days Before has been rocky for quite some time. CelebHomes News now has an exclusive peek at their future.

Mike calls his friend in the video clip Nelcy and asks her to help him translate what his fiancé said to him.

Mike says, “We had an interaction last night,” “saying that now she doesn’t love me anymore.” 

Mike had been told by Ximena the night before that she loved him but she doesn’t love her. He is the one you love.

“How do I explain it?” Ximena asks Nelcy in Spanish. “Love is a huge word for me. If I don’t feel it how am I supposed to say that I love you?” “I need to be understood and I require time.