Amy Schumer is opening up about her decision to get liposuction.

The 40-year-old comedian got candid about her thought process during the March 3 episode of Chelsea Handler‘s podcast Chelsea,. I had liposuction. Schumer explained that Schumer had no idea that I would be doing anything similar. Like, the first time I heard liposuction I thought it was crazy. Then I said, “I am not going to ever do this.”

Was there anything that changed her mind? Cut to 40 after having a C section and feeling like, “Hi! My FUPA isn’t feeling right! I feel like it’s out there. Endometriosis. After my endometriosis, I felt great. Then I thought, “Can I have lipo?” The actress added. “And I received lipo, and I feel really good.” 

The mom of son GeneNow 2, Schumer said she felt it was essential to share her feelings with her followers. Schumer explained, “And that’s all I wanted to do because anyone who sees me on pictures or any other media and thinks she looks slimmer, etc., it is because I had surgery.” It’s hard and it hurts, so I want to be honest about it.