Austin Butler He is a true love.

It’s been over a year, but it hasn’t been that long. Elvis finished wrapping, moviegoers are finally going to see the actor’s big-screen transformation into Elvis PresleyWhen the movie hits theatres June 24,

Austin has been giving interviews with Elvis impressions ahead of the big day. He said that his speaking voice has changed since he was 30, when asked by fans if they noticed any changes.

“I heard that a lot but didn’t do any other for the past two years.” [apart from working on Elvis]He said, “That’s such an enormous chunk of life.” Elle Australia. “I don’t think it is surprising that it works.”

Then he said, “Because my shy nature means that I have bits and pieces of Elvis to tap into so that I can go on stage in front of thousands of people. Being surrounded by Elvis’ name every where, it triggers me.” It’s like obsessing over one thing and your mouth can change.