Dancing With the Stars The winner Bachelor Nation fan favourite Kaitlyn Aristowe told CelebHomes, “Tan-Luxe will always be on my list of favorite beauty products. While I love a good tan there is nothing better than a natural one. However, I have been working hard to minimize sun exposure for my skin. Tan-Luxe is a great way to avoid sun exposure on my face. I still have that natural look. It’s very easy to apply, and I love the bronzed color it turns into—definitely not an orange tone at all. It’s also easier for me to apply less makeup when I have a tan.

Bachelorette Alum JoJo FolcherThe Amazon Roundup included these products, with the comment, “I’m very specific about my tanning products.” There are many. There are only a couple that I swear by and Tan-Luxe is one of them. To get a beautiful summer glow, you can apply the Tan-Luxe to your moisturizing products at night.

“Tan-Luxe — they’re tanning drops, you put it in your moisturizer, and then you put it on, and your tan develops slowly,” she said. It’s quite remarkable. You can’t stain it! You can apply it like moisturizer but be careful.” Kelly RipaA fan of the show during an episode Kelly and Ryan: Live with KellyPlease enter the following: Us Weekly.

The Bachelor Alum Cassie RandolphAs advised: “All Tan Luxe products are a big fan of. I’m obsessed with all Tan-Luxe stuff. I like it because it goes on clear so you don’t have to worry about any orange tanner getting anywhere and it does not smell at all. It is very easy to burn and I have fair skin so it’s a must-have tanner. It’s still my favorite thing to get a tan. This is a great look. 



Two shades are available for these tanning products.