Was that the guy who tied his tie?

Fans of this question are asking. Nur Murders are allowed in the Building have been trying to figure out ever since season two debuted June 28 without a key cast member: Aaron DominguezHe was the Oscar Torres character in Hulu’s first season.

Show-runners have provided an excellent solution. John HoffmanCo-creator of the show, was Steve Martin.

Hoffman said to Deadline August 23 that he loved Aaron. “We called to tell Mabel that we weren’t interested in seeing her (Selena GomezYou can build strong relationships with trauma-bonded people.

He continued to say that Oscar thought it would be difficult for Oscar to continue at Arconia after Bunny’s passing. Noting, “we thought his departing made sense.”

It’s there, you can have it. Nur Murders in the Building mystery has just been solved.

Hoffman told the publication that Oscar was not gone. Hoffman stated, “I believe they keep in touch, and I won’t say it’s not something which will come back around in any way. Because he was part of her life.”