Here’s the short answer Chris CoelenKinetic Content’s CEO, responsible for The First Sign of Love is MarriageGet it nowUltimatumReality dating shows are super popular with.

CelebHomes News spokeswoman Coelen to say that they love the relationships space. Producing in the relationship space is appealing because of its relatability, compelling nature and realness beyond what happens on it.

Here’s the long answer. Sure, the concept may sound extreme—for three weeks, you and your signifcant other will each live with someone else from another pairing to get a glimpse at married life, before moving back in together for the final portion of filming—but it is actually an all-too-relatable situation for many viewers facing the Big C: commitment.

Coelen said, “Look, an ultimatum can be very relatable and the situations that couples find themselves in are very relatable.” Every person (I certainly was) has been in this situation. One partner or one of them is happy to marry the other. It was me who wasn’t as certain. There are people you may know who have been in this situation. Sometimes people want to find the answer.

Coelen said that this experiment makes the uneasy partner evaluate his or her excuses for not getting married. “It’s all about are I willing to make a commitment to you for your entire life?” We started with that instinct and relateable idea. It was about putting together a group couples who seriously consider getting married, all possibly questioning their relationships in the long-term. Then, let them choose each other based on what they think they want for their future. That’s going be an interesting window into a new possible future.