The living room is, without a doubt, the most vital room in the entire house. Why, you ask? Well, think about it: this is where you and your family do most of your ‘living’. The living room hosts the family members to lounge and talk intimately, watch television, read a magazine or a book, or relax with a cup of herbal tea. 

This room can also be where you host and entertain your guests of close friends and family for a cozy evening of Netflix, a movie marathon, a game night, or a couples’ double date night. The living room is a joker that serves many purposes, and that’s why it holds such great importance. 

When designing your living room, there are some basic elements that matter the most, which include practicality, convenience, comfort, and coziness, in addition to elegance of course! In this article, we give you some creative ideas that may benefit you as you set up your space, whether a new or as a renovation. 

  • Experiment with Colors

While pastels and light colors are a staple for most living room decoration projects, don’t be intimidated by bright and bold colors. Consider the idea of painting one wall in a striking purple or bright aquamarine, and just imagine what it would be like across from your beige or light gray everywhere else. 

Another interesting idea to think about is using bricks for walls, for designers are now creating dozens of warm, natural looking brick-style walls for living rooms that give an immediate homey feel with elements of nature that can be incorporated into any modern or classic décor set. These are mostly also used on one wall, usually the one where the TV set or fireplace will be installed. 

  • A Statement Sofa  

The most important item in any living room is the sofa, there can’t be any argument there! It represents the main seating element, around which everything else is arranged. It also faces the main attraction of the room – be it the television or fireplace. 

Beautiful, comfortable sofas are created especially to instantly create a welcoming, relaxing space, which is basically what anyone looks for in this item. Regardless of what your personal style leans more towards, getting down to some research and looking at reviews will make a world of difference in helping you make the right decision. According to the article titled  The 10 Best Mid-Century Modern Sectional Sofas, having one in your living room is bound to make a statement. These stand out in particular because of the way they are designed to fit into corners and you can play around with the look as much as you like. You can also opt to go for something completely contemporary for a bold statement. Your sofa shopping requires some research – so get on it! Your selection here is going to determine a lot of what goes into the room next, so give it the time and attention it deserves. 

  • Green on the Inside 

Indoor plants are a wonderful way to add life, warmth, and beauty to your living room; even a humble plant can make the most powerful impact. Unlike expensive pieces of décor, home plants come in an array of sizes and prices that can suit any budget. 

Choose a plant in a size that can comfortably fit within the space of the room without making it feel cluttered. On the other hand, you can pick a fragrant species and have your room smelling heavenly all day long. Remember to harmonize the planter with the interior in terms of shape and color so that it blends well with the rest of the décor. 

  • Your Interests On The Walls  

Each and every one of us has a special interest, so let your living room declare your love and hobby loudly. If you love books, show it with pride; are you into music? Show off your records! Are action figures your thing? Display them with a passion. 

While the shrinking size of modern homes is quickly leading to a space crisis, you can always use (and beautify) your walls. Install creative-looking shelves and make space for your precious collections, which will double as innovative wall decorations made of the very things you love and cherish. You can also install unique and beautiful wall water fountains from Luxe Water Walls if you feel a little extra.

  • Vintage Pieces Are Fashionable Pieces 

No matter what your living room style is, you can always land a precious vintage find that would simply pop in the midst of everything. Don’t be afraid to take a leaf out of the old world and flaunt it in style, be it a coffee table you inherited from your grandparents, or an old jewelry box that once belonged to your mother and can now be used to store cup coasters. An old piece is a great accessory with a story behind it, adding a mystical air to an otherwise aligned space. 

  • Play with Light 

When setting up the lighting system in your living room, don’t be afraid to experiment with the tools you aren’t used to. New lighting can make all the difference. Are you used to a main central chandelier? How about trying false ceilings with spotlights? Interested in discovering what indirect light can do for your space? LED trimmings on low false ceilings create an instant futuristic feel at a very affordable cost. 

Other options to consider include elaborate and glamorous, floor lamps; simple as recessed lights; as well as classical yet trendy lava lamps on tabletops or as standalone pieces. 

Get Inspired 

When setting up your living room – or any room in your home for that matter – it really helps to get inspiration online. Portals like Pinterest, Instagram and others provide a myriad of galleries with thousands of photo ideas for inspiration. 

Step outside of the familiar zone and allow your imagination to go beyond what you’re used to in your current living room. Maybe a coffee table with an extra shelf would help with storing your throws and pillows. A cute little ottoman would be perfect for when you want to stretch out your legs. And a wicker basket is always useful for storing those remote controls. All of these ideas and more can help you create the optimum living space for you and your family. 

And a final word: always make sure not to clutter your living space; there’s nothing more stressful than having to clean up and rearrange a dozen little pieces in one room, only to feel like the space is closing in.