There are new details emerging Armie HammerRelationship with an estranged spouse Elizabeth Chambers.

CelebHomes News reported that the following: Please call me by my name actor was said to be “doing great” following his stay at the Florida treatment facility, according to a statement from his lawyer in December.

He didn’t mention it to his attorney. Where exactly Hammer departed the center but confirmed he had “left” the facility about six months after Vanity Fair reported that he had begun his stay. In June 2021, three anonymous sources told the outlet that Hammer checked into a facility to treat his “drug, alcohol and sex issues.”

Now you can get a People report has surfaced claiming that Hammer and his estranged wife, Chambers, are “figuring things out as a couple” despite their breakup in 2020 after 10 years of marriage. 

While Hammer and Chambers are working on their co-parenting relationship, sources tell CelebHomes News that they’re not currently reconciling. CelebHomes News has exclusive access to a source who knows the truth. “They’re not back together.”

The former couple is, however, in touch due to their co-parenting dynamic with daughter Harper7. and son Ford, 4. The insider said that they are communicating well. They are focused on their children and are working together to parent well.