Friendship between Succession‘s Cousin Greg and Tom Wambsgams is toxic at best.

We wondered for a while why Greg was played by the beautiful Nicholas BraunHe put up with the boss’ bizarre threats and insults. The news that Tom had been played by Congress members shocked even congressmen. Matthew MacfadyenGreg was emailed by a friend, stating that “You can’t make a Tomlette without breaking some greggs.” 

One could reason that Greg simply has no backbone as he was raised outside of the Roy empire. However, his grandfather Ewan (James Cromwell() is not a gentlemen. What gives then?

In an exclusive interview with CelebHomes News, Nicholas explained that it all comes down to Greg’s precarious position in the Roy family. He said, “I believe people are willing to take a lot of punishment just so they can get what they want.” “I think everyone learns to accept punishment in this family. Greg witnesses everyone kind of getting slapped around by Logan (Brian Cox) or changing positions or stabbing each other in the back, so I think his tolerance kind of goes up.”