How is Juneteenth celebrated?

Known also as Emancipation Day, Juneteenth Independence Day, and Black Independence Day, Juneteenth celebrations began on the day’s first anniversary and quickly became annual, but ensuing segregation laws worked to keep festivities off public land, pushing them into rural areas, according to The website explained that the celebrations involved families coming together for prayer and barbecuing. To commemorate the occasion, some African-Americans were freed and their descendants made a pilgrimage back from Galveston.

Many property became the gift of Black people who eventually become landowners. According to Rev. Jack YatesEmancipation park was created when enough money was raised to buy 10 acres of Houston land. 

Cliff RobinsonThe website’s founder told NBC News that Juneteenth celebrations today are celebrated in all but a few states. Robinson stated that these events are especially common in the South. They include rodeos and picnics as well as religious elements like church ceremonies and education.