We’ll accept all your dad jokes today. 

In honor of Father’s Day, we decided to put together the best TV dads of all-time—the ones who make us laugh, the ones who make us cry and the ones who manage to host San Francisco: Wake up You can still come home for Comet. We miss you, Bob Saget!

To the hard love of Happy DaysHoward Cunningham on the absurdity and absurdity Arrested Development‘s Michael Bluth, our favorite TV dads might not always be perfect, but they always teach a lesson along the way.

At the end of the day, we really just want our small-screen father figures to be proud of us—even if we don’t, you know, ActuallyKnow them. Listen to me. You must strive to do better than anyone else, I said. Friday Night LightsEric Taylor said it once. I didn’t mean you had to be more than anyone else. But you gotta try. This is what character looks like. It is in the striving.

You can’t lose with clear eyes and full hearts. 

We don’t forget animated dads! Bart and Lisa hoped Maggie would buy Homer Simpson 12 artisan donuts. Lard Lad also has a pink sprinkle donut.