Clayton Echard may have been there for the right reasons, but according to Becca Kufrin, his season of The BachelorIt was wrong right from the start.

CelebHomes News featured Clayton’s quest to find true love. Daily Pop on March 8, just a day after The Bachelor“It’s explosive!” They Say All About Women special. There, Clayton was less-than-enthusiastic about his experience thus far, exclusively telling CelebHomes News, “Even though it really shocked me to my core, and I went through a lot, and I had extremely dark days, and I questioned whether or not it was worth it, it will only be worth it if I convince myself that it was.”

Clayton’s ominous response was the latest in a series of remarks that imply he wasn’t satisfied with his time on the show, but until the two-part season finale kicks off on March 14, we won’t know for sure how his journey ends.

Becca doesn’t believe Clayton will get a happy ending. She said that she doesn’t believe Clayton is engaged based on the sound of things. Daily Pop. “I’ve spoken with him many times. I don’t think he understands what’s happening, so it’ll interesting next week.”