Robin Williams discusses His Transformation to “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

Paris Fashion Week: Hello!

Mrs. Doubtfire appeared briefly during Balenciaga’s March 6 runway show in France.

It is, at least partially. Alexis Stone, also known as Elliot Joseph RentzThe brand’s new Fall/Winter 2022/2023 collection was presented by a hip, elderly granny who was dressed up as the brand. 

Poppet is not a quick and easy character to get into. Stone completed the look with facial prosthetics, makeup and glasses. Don’t forget your blouse and cardigan dear. Stone’s Mrs. Doubtfire donned a floral Balenciaga Dress, accessorized by a pair silver boots with sparkly heels, black earrings, and a bag. 

Stone stated, “Nothing says Mrs. Doubtfire like Balenciaga florals. We had it with some really famous chrome silver boots.” Paper Magazine. “In [creative director] DemnaDoubtfire & Balenciaga are simply iconic. “It’s simply legendary.” 

Indeed, it is. Stone, who is both a drag queen, and a self-described professional “transformer”, has donned Doubtfire several times before.