When it comes to kitchens in the U.S.,  contemporary and traditional kitchen styles lead the way, with homeowners usually partial to either clean, partially minimalistic styles, or traditional features exuding both artistry and cosiness. Regardless of which styles you prefer (transitional and modern kitchen are also popular), you will  find plenty of inspiration for your own pad in the kitchens of some of the world’s most popular celebrities. 

Natural Stone
When Kim and Kanye dropped a cool $60 million on their new Hidden Hills Home, they kept one thing from their old kitchen: their love of natural stone. Their former home had gorgeous brown marble countertops and islands – a great choice for an active family that nevertheless appreciates fine materials. The style of their new kitchen is vastly different from the old one, however. Clean, minimalistic, and boasting a blend of white, metal and marble (the central island is made of a beautiful Carrara marble featuring beautiful gray markings), it exudes grace and simplicity all at once. Light is the big player in this simple yet appealing design, whose only ‘flirtatious’ touches are the geometric suspended lamps that hang over the island.

Eco Friendly Designs
Sustainability is the buzzword of the millennium, and indeed, this value is being pursued in a variety of sectors – including the food and interior design industries. In high-end homes, features such as sustainable wood, energy-saving smart temperature control systems, and solar energy panels are reducing the size of the average family’s carbon footprint. The ultimate inspiration for eco-friendly kitchens, meanwhile, can be found in Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen’s beautiful kitchen, made with reclaimed wood and boasting a very inviting rustic ambience look through and through.

Cutting Edge Equipment
Celebrity Chef, Bobby Flay, has joined actor Gwyneth Paltrow in bringing in  something special to his home: an outdoor kitchen with a wood-burning stove – perfect for making the ultimate pizza. Flay’s indoor kitchen, meanwhile, contains a commercial 10-burner stove, plus a salamander, griddle, fyer, and two ovens – the type of kitchen equipment that is covered by home appliance insurance. This essentially covers wear and tear over a time period  beyond that offered by manufacturers. It is usually worth your while if your kitchen equipment is worth over $10,000 in total, so many celebrities have it.

White Is Still The Word
If you love the look of all-white interiors but minimalism isn’t your thing, check out Kate Mara and Jamie Bell’s gorgeous California home, which boasts an all-white kitchen that is somehow still warm and traditional. The walls contain a blend of painted white brick and white wood panels, and all the furniture has the same clean look – from the traditional pull-put cabinets to the simple round table, graced with transparent Philippe Starck-esque chairs and a beige-white-and-black mosaic floor.

Statistics show that modern and traditional kitchens are still America’s favorites. If you’re thinking of revamping your kitchen or building one from scratch, you will find all the inspiration you need from celebrities. From Kimye’s stunning oasis of light to Kate Mara’s cosy traditional meeting point, celebrity kitchens show what can be achieved when good ideas and a great budget are combined.