Oh, my!! 

From cannibalism to sacrifices, séances to senate races—oh, and This jaw-dropping murder last week—Yellowjackets It has kept us all busy…and made our stomachs growl. Now as the finale for the star-studded Showtime series approaches on Sunday, Jan. 16, we’re racing to Reddit to discuss fan theories for what answers (if any!) We’ll be ahead in season 2. 

“There’s like a million theories right now and it’s so fun to read everyone’s ideas,” Samantha HanrattyCelebHomes News was exclusive to Misty’s role as Misty the “doctor” in the series. I don’t know all the answers and so, it’s like, “Oh ho! This makes sense!” “I don’t even have all the answers so I’m just like, Oh shoot, that makes sense!’ 

Hanratty isn’t the only one who has been entertained with the gossip about the Yellowjackets team. 

“Actors should not do this, but I’ve been all over Reddit looking for information and have read every thing,” Sophie ThatcherAccording to, he portrays the “huntress” of survivors, teen Natalie. It’s hard to not love this show. There are so many fascinating theories.