Jamie Lynn later personally addressed Britney in a statement released earlier on Jan. 14, saying, “Last thing I want to be is doing this, but here we are. As I feel the whole world, it’s difficult to read these posts. She is my only wish. Brit, I’m here every day, but you also know the backstory.

She shared that “it’s exhausting when our private conversations and the texts we exchange in private aren’t matched by what you share on social media.” While I understand what you are going through, I can’t help but to sympathize with your feelings.

It Sweet MagnoliasStar added: “That being stated, I don’t want to burst the bubble of my sister, but my novel is not about me.” “I can’t help but notice that I am also a Spears baby, and some of my memories involve my sister.”

CelebHomes News tried to reach Jamie Lynn for comments, but did not hear back.