Prepare for an amazing love story.

Details about the upcoming Walking Dead spin-off series reuniting Rick (Andrew LincolnMichonne (Danai Gurira) have emerged—and it sounds like we’re in for quite the journey.

It’s an epic love tale, creator Scott M. Gimple revealed on AMC’s The Walking Dead Universe: Preview 2022 special Aug. 7. But it is an amazing and incredible love story. They are separated from each other for many years. Both have had many lives, and now they need to reconnect with each other. This is going to hopefully be mind-blowing.

Gimple also teased that Lincoln and Gurira have been getting their hands dirty on the creative side, too.

He said that he had been working very hard on the project with Danai as well as Andy. “And we continue to work together pretty much everyday on it with some of our friends.” Walking Deadvets as well as some amazing new voices.”