Oh my! It’s almost like this: Camila CabelloA new love is possible.

Lox Club CEO, 25-year-old singer was seen walking hand in glove with the star. Austin KevitchOn August 7, 2011, he was 31 and had been visiting Santa Monica, Calif. The pair also grabbed breakfast at Caffe Wooyoo and weren’t afraid to show some PDA.

CelebHomes News was told by an eyewitness that they were “very sweet together” and seemed happy. “They kissed. After they had left, they held their hands together and went for a walk. It was a pleasant day for them and it seemed like they really enjoy each other.”

Camila wore an Impressions blue floral print dress and added black sandals with gold hoop earrings. Camila also opted for a bag made of crocheted leather with a brown leather strap. Austin, on the other hand, was wearing a white shirt, matching sneakers, and green shorts.

While the “Havana” singer and entrepreneur haven’t made things Instagram official, Camila did sneak a photo from their outing on Instagram, with the pic of two Caffe Wooyoo cups sticking out among the carousel of images in an Aug. 8 post.