The year of the positive vibes is here Khloe Kardashian.
It Staying up with the Kardashians star has always been one to express her feelings and thoughts through inspirational memes and her latest message is proving that she is ready to put the drama with ex Tristan Thompson behind her. 
Khloe added a quote on her Instagram Story to commemorate the unique event of 2/22/22. It read: “Manifesting joy and peace in your mind.”
Peace of mind is truly what the Good American CEO deserves after the scandals she endured while dating Tristan, including him fathering a newborn baby boy with Maralee Nicks at the end of last year. 
Maralee, a Chicago Bulls player, filed a paternity suit against Maralee seeking to void Tristan’s consent and pay child-related costs, such as fees for her doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and other expenses. According to the suit, obtained by CelebHomes News, Maralee claimed she and Tristan had consensual sex on his 30th birthday in March 2021.