This is not the case. Freaky Friday. You might have been incorrectly pronouncing the name. Lindsay LohanIt was always’s name.
In case you missed it, the 35-year-old actress joined TikTok earlier this month with what appeared to be your standard introductory video. TikTokers soon realized it was not all. ThisStandard, taking into account the pronunciation
Lindsay Lohan, the actress who emphasizes Lo-, said, “Hey everybody, it’s Lindsay Lohan!”WenShe says, “And guess what?!” in her very first video. And guess what? And guess what? Now I’m on TikTok.Everyone who uploaded her name was pronounced Lohan after upload. stillQuestioning all they know.
“Wait. Lindsay ‘LOWEN’?!?!!?” One user shared their thoughts. “I’VE SAID IT WRONG ALL MY LIFE ?!?”” Another wrote “I’m sorry, I’ve been saying your name wrong all my life.” Another user expressed disbelief by adding “U pronounced your name wrong.”
TikToker another pointed out Lindsay was the most recent celebrity to correct us about how we pronounce our names.