Old walls and furniture often have flawed paint that looks horrendous. It makes your interiors look rundown and makes it seem like you do not take care of your house. If the surfaces and things with paint in your house are already coming off with cracks, blisters, or starting to form a lump, it is time to get rid of it. But how?

You can click here if you want some tips when removing paint from wood, or you can consider reading these few things listed below. Here are points you can take note of when trying to remove paint from wood without the extra hassle.

Check the condition of the wood

You can determine if the wood was varnished or painted initially. To check it easily, you need to find a hidden spot inside drawers or closets and use your trusty scraper to get a test path. If the inner layer is painted, then you do not have to stain the wood anymore. 

Can you do it yourself or not?

If the work is too large or complex for you to handle on your own, you should seek the help of a professional. Attempting to accomplish everything on your own might lead to risky circumstances and accidents. Make a list of the items that need to be painted over. If it’s easily detachable, such as doors or windows, and has complex features, you should probably leave it to an expert who can dip it in a tank.

They can give you quicker and more efficient results than your trial and error. If you need a massive piece to remove paint, probably even your entire house, consider hiring a professional or buy a deck crawler and bringing them to your home to do the work. While you can save a bit from doing it all by yourself, you can end up having troubles because of inadequate knowledge and skills.

Determine the right tools to use

You have three types of tools to choose from:


These tools use high temperatures to remove the paint. The intense heat can easily soften the varnish or paint and then remove it with a scraper. While there is minimum dust, fumes and charred wood are downsides of using it.

Chemical strippers

These consist of liquids, gels, and pastes that can dissolve the paint from the wood. It does not involve dust and paint chips, but it can get messy, smelly, and take some time.


These grind away paint from the wood and are ideally used for large and flat surfaces. This is not advised for indoor use, and you need to have a vacuum ready for the dust.

Choose the right products 

There are many products you can use in the market, but here are the three best choices you can choose from. Heat guns are helpful because it is easier to soften layers of paint through heat. Be cautious of using this as it can cause fires if left in one space too long. 

Infrared devices utilize infrared rays to soften the paint and are great when you want less noise and dust. Steam strippers use water vapor instead of heat to soften the p[aint, so there are no fire risks. It generates less dust and fumes but can cause a lot of wood moisture and saturation.

If you want to remove paint off wood, you have a variety of choices to select from. It would help if you chose what is most effective for you and the thing or region that you wish to be pain-free.