According to NBC News Madison County Prosecutor Rob Wood claimed via Zoom that Daybell’s court hearing on June 10, 2020 said that “the manner of concealment of one of these bodies was particularly egregious.” The complaint claimed that the remains were in the yard from between Sept. 22, 2019 to June 9, 2020.

Chad or Lori still haven’t offered any explanations as to why the children were buried in their yard.

This whole thing is very difficult.” Colby Ryan, Lori’s son from her second marriage and Kylee’s half-brother, told East Idaho News in June 2021 after Chad had joined Lori in pleading not guilty to murder. He’ll tell what he wants to, even though we’ve had to all go through it. He will lie about it. They have been lying about it since the beginning. It’s impossible to stop them.”

However, Chad’s kids told the story last August. 48 hours Their mother was also killed in the murder, and their father believed they were innocent. Emma Murray’s daughter claimed Chad was framed. She was then asked “Who?”

Lori, however, had remained loyal to Chad ever since the arrest.