As This is Us draws to a close, you’d think MAndy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia would be plotting their next big move.

But as it turns out, when the pair spoke to CelebHomes News they shared that right now they’re just trying to live in the present. 

Mandy declared, “This is an opportunity that will not come again,” at the 2022 Makeup and Hairstylists Awards. Noting that nothing will ever match the NBC drama, Mandy noted that it was “something” that would never happen again. “I am not prepared to look to the future. “I’m determined to enjoy this moment for as much time as I can.”

Milo is aware of the fact that he works with some of the most respected people in the industry. CelebHomes spoke with him about his feelings. “I don’t worry about Mandy going, where I’m going or what the cast will do,” he said. Mandy stated that he is just focusing on the present and being as attentive as possible because this group of people truly are remarkable.