This is awkward, welp.
The weekend will be Rosie O’Donnell bumped into Priyanka Chopra And Nick JonasWhen she was out to Malibu for dinner, Calif. She was embarrassed to admit that she had “embarrassed” not just her son, but also her husband. Fran Drescher—and maybe anyone looking on.
“So I said to Nick Jonas: “Hi Nick Jonas. You were awesome in.” Kingdom,'” Rosie recalled in a Feb. 21 TikTok, noting she then addressed Priyanka. “Hi, I’m your dad. “Hi, I know your dad.” She responds: She asks, “Who is my father?” So I ask, “Deepak. And I go, “Deepak.” She replies, “No, Chopra is a common surname.”
Rosie, who accentuated the moment using a shrinking motion continued “I felt embarrassed.” I thought Nick Jonas was married, didn’t you? Deepak Chopra‘s daughter? Do you think I am the only one to have thought this?”

Some fans agreed with her in the comments, but others weren’t so sure.