Drama with Dad

Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s Daisy KelliherAnd Gary KingAre weighing in on former coworker Jean-Luc Cerza-LanauxThe most recent news regarding his paternity. He was initially denied, but he has now been confirmed as co-star Dani SoaresJean-Luc, who was in the second season of Season 2, became pregnant and posted on Instagram Jan 2022, to confirm that a DNA testing proved he is indeed the father Dani’s baby girl. Lilly.

Daisy shared the following statement with CelebHomes News: “I felt it wasn’t appropriate post,” Daisy explained exclusively to CelebHomes News ahead of next weeks’s. BDSYSeason three’s premiere. “I think it’s inappropriate to discuss something this complicated on social media,” I said. This is especially true for Lilly, who cannot speak up for herself. That’s my personal opinion. While it is not mine to judge, the article could have included more information about Lilly or Dani as well as Jean-Luc.

Gary echoed his co-star’s sentiments, telling CelebHomes, “I guess that’s good on him but Dani doesn’t need him to come out on Instagram telling everybody that he’s a father. Dani has to be there. [more than that]. Jean-Luc can help her because she is a single parent in Australia. He must be available to her child. While it is nice to share things via social media, the truth is that words can be completely disregarded by actions. His actions speak louder than his words. However, they aren’t at this moment.