Batman, holy smokes!

Robert PattinsonThe Story of Suki WaterhouseThe sweetest reaction of’s to his movie was the one he shared with us. On February 16, he made an appearance at the NBC Evening News. Jimmy Kimmel LiveThe actor recalls the day that he saw the film. Batman in its entirety for the very first time alongside his girlfriend. 

He stated that he’d previously seen the first 90-minutes in an IMAX, so he knew the importance of the initial 90 minutes. Jimmy Kimmel. But I have gotten so used to it that I realized how important it is to get the right amount of serotonin in order to see my stuff. Two hours of exercise is necessary before I can watch my own stuff. I also need to consume a lot of sugar and caffeine. 

But once Pattinson settled in to watch the film with director Matt ReevesWaterhouse and she was able to calm him down. Pattinson explained, “It was her reaction that really changed the whole situation.” She doesn’t usually like watching superhero movies. Just looking at it captured her attention and she then reached out to touch it. [to her cheek]And I felt a tiny tear in my eyes and was just as shocked.