What has happened in WestworldThe seasons 1 through 3

In season one, viewers learn that the amusement park isn’t just made for them to enjoy themselves. Robert Ford, Delos’ co-founder and playwright, has also made it the location for an experiment. Anthony Hopkins. Ford wanted to test if Dolores(Evan) would become sentient, which she eventually does. But with terrible consequences, she kills Ford right in front everyone at the Delos party.

Dolores is determined to take revenge on those who trapped her in the simulation. While Dolores teaches the host how to be sentient, she leads a revolt against Delos. Meanwhile, Maeve, the sentient host, searches for meaning in her life. Dolores is aware that she was sent to rescue the Earth from Delos and liberate them all, however Maeve continues to see the beauty in humanity and work to protect them. 

Their mission continues in season three, in which Dolores is now in the real world and realizes that even humans are subjugated to poor treatment by corporations. Maeve, with this new knowledge of civilization, joins her efforts to defeat Rehoboam. Rehoboam was an AI which collected information about everyone on the planet. Dolores has to give her life in order to defeat Rehoboam. 

It’s all complicated, but that’s the point of the series—there’s no right or wrong in a world that is constantly evolving. There’s just shades of grey—at least, that’s what we think.