21. Jessie’s notorious addiction to caffeine pills? It was quite bizarre, but that is because Jessie was initially supposed to be addicted to speed.

Engel stated in his memoir, “What the fans don’t know is that Jessie was addicted on speed when I first wrote the episode alongside Tom Tenowich,” But Standards and Practices was the censorial arm of NBC and vetoed the episode, stating that speed was not appropriate for Saturday mornings. 

Engel and Standards and Practices ultimately opted for caffeine pills, despite their desire to examine the serious problem of addiction.

22. Diamond became a celebrity when he released a telling-all book in 2009 about his shows and the former cast members. The Bell is the Hidden TreasureThis would be the basis material for Lifetime’s. Unauthorized Story Saved by the Bell2014. He made allegations in his memoir of using steroids, hooking up, and other off-camera activities. However, the majority of those claims were disproven by the cast. CelebHomes News was told at that time by Gosselaar, “Everything I have heard about his book has been negative” 

Diamond was close with his cast over the years but lost touch. Their reunion for the 20th Anniversary set up by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (TWISA) ended without him. People magazine in 2009.