Joe JonasAnd Sophie TurnerYou’ve been doing a great job!

They recreated an unforgettable moment. Staying up to date with The KardashiansA hilarious video was uploaded to Game of ThronesThe TikTok account of the alum and “Sucker”, singer’s Instagram, Jan 22. 

“I’m so tired from Australia”, a tired Joe lip-syncs over the video. Khloe Kardashian‘s voice.

Sophie pretends that she is not interested as she type on her smartphone, while lip-syncing. Kim Kardashian‘s voice, “You are? “Why?”

“Because I just came back from Australia…,” Khloe’s voice quips back as Joe mouths the words and flashes a sarcastic smile.  

The 25-year old actress is not fazed and continues texting with her head down. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out the chat history on Sophie’s phone was with someone named “Pete,” seemingly a nod to her character’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson.

This iconic audio clip, which the couple used, comes from an episode of 2015 on KUWTK in which Khloe is seen venting to her sisters after she had to go to Australia alone for a promotional gig.