Jared Padalecki is simply timeless.

The CW will develop a prequel series in collaboration with the WalkerHe’ll be playing an actor who will take him back in time to the 1880s. Creator of series Anna Fricke will write the new spin-off, called Walker: IndependenceTogether with Seamus Fahey.

IndependenceAbby Walker plays the central role. She is an affluent Bostonian, whose husband is killed in her presence while she travels West. Abby meets Hoyt Rawlins on her path to revenge. She is a charming rogue looking for purpose. According to the network, Abby and Hoyt travel to Independence Texas to meet diverse and eclectic people who are escaping their pasts and following their dreams.”

This hit series will refresh your memory. WalkerThe story is about a divorced father trying to reconnect to his children. He also deals with familial conflicts and suspicions after his wife’s passing. Walker, Texas RangerThe 1990s saw the premiere of the series titled. It aired eight seasons.