From a hot topic to a legal topic.

Wendy Williams“ex” Kevin Hunter is suing Debmar-Mercury, the producer and distributor of Wendy Williams ShowFor wrongful termination. 

In a lawsuit filed, March 1 Hunter states that Debmar-Mercury’s decision to fire him from the talk show was “on the basis of his marital status, which is barred by the New York City Human Rights Law.CelebHomes News obtained the following documents. 

Hunter alleges that just days after he and Williams filed for divorce in April 2019, Debmar-Mercury sent him a written notice that he had been terminated as an executive producer on Wendy Williams Show—a role he had since 2007—and he was no longer allowed on studio premises, the docs read.

According to him, his termination notice did not give reasons for his dismissal that were related to his performance and decisions on the job.

According to court documents, Hunter stated that he suffered an economic loss of $7million-10million as a direct result of his firing.