19. Ryan was the source of the famous orgasm scene in which Sally proves to Harry, disbelievingly, that it is possible for women to fake sexual pleasure. The scene started out as a conversation. But Ryan suggested that it be made into a movie. Crystal suggested that it be held at a strange place. A restaurant with Katz’s Deli was the ideal setting. Reiner originally wanted Carnegie Deli. 

Ryan, even though it was his suggestion, was still nervous about filming the scene. Reiner intervened to direct her and put her in her place. Reiner was pleased to demonstrate exactly what he desired (and to make her feel at ease) and received applause by all the other extras. Ryan was “very focused”, and he did several takes. “During each break, she’s ran to her trailer,” “I’ll Have what She Has” notes.

Ryan would be crowned the romantic comedy queen for this scene. 

20. Ryan was later asked about why she suggested performing fake orgasms for Sally. Ryan said, “The comedy in Sally is very behavioral.” The trick is not in talking but it is doing. It was very logical. This was easy to do. Rob was a great host. We spent hours in his office just talking. [the movie].”

21. What about the woman who wanted what Sally had? It was Estelle Reiner, Reiner’s 70-year-old mother. He called her to ask if she would come in for one line that could very well end up on the cutting room floor. She said that she didn’t mind as long as her son was with her.You’ll have what she has.. “I’ll be there, and I’ll get a hotdog.” This was achieved in only two takes. The line “I’ll get what she’s having”, became the movie’s most memorable.