Life is a beautiful beach. Nikki GlaserDoes It is notYou want to be in the sand. 

This Sunday’s episode of the Comedy Central show, which airs on June 5, at 9:05 p.m. Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?She doesn’t think so. But, she says it is the place she really wants to go. 

Nikki states, “The river cabin for me simply represents being stuck.” A lot of my childhood was spent outside, even when it wasn’t what I wanted to do. My parents would take us camping or canoeing. I can remember standing in the pueblo for so many occasions.

Nikki says that even today she still associates nature with having to do what I do not want.

However, Nikki is not alone outing to the cabin. Nikki is bringing her best friend along instead KerstinRoommate Andrew—which could get awkward, considering Nikki has dubbed the getaway residence as “the f–k cabin” because that’s what she thinks her parents do there most of the time.