She also said that the moment was not just special for her but also for her mom. “Every time I have a big moment in my career, she wants to be part of it,” Anitta said. “So when I told her, ‘Mom, next week is going to be my wax figure.’ She said, ‘I want to go see that.’ So I said, ‘Let’s go.’ It’s a great feeling to be with her. She’s amazed. It’s unbelievable to her.” 

Anitta gave the body a personal twist by choosing her fashion pieces. Keen-eyed fans of the global superstar will notice that the outfit pays tribute to two of her most iconic looks.  

“This shirt here is the shirt I wore in my music video for ‘Girl From Rio,'” the artist explained, referencing her iconic 2022 hit. “[The song] is a version of the song ‘Girl From Ipanema.’ So, for Brazil, it’s a very iconic song and I made a new version…to bring that to this moment.” 

The bottom half of the ensemble—consisting of a glittery, bejeweled G-string, heavily ripped jeans and pointy denim boots—is part of the outfit she wore when she headlined her first big festival. She stated, “I made it to the big festival to add funk to it.” So this is the outfit that I wore to that event. This is why I mixed them both.” 

Anitta stated that everything she gave to Madame Tussauds was except for her jewelry. It’s not real jewelry, so I didn’t give it.” The wax figure was wearing a diamond necklace, which she joked about. It was expensive, I thought. They were happy to have the rest.”