Capes may not be worn by all heroes. Many heroes wear very little capes.

The world mourned the news that Tonga had been killed. Pita TaufatofuaAmerican Samoa’s flag bearer, would be present at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Nathan Crumpton made the valiant decision to step up and fulfill our Olympic dreams. Yes, despite the frigid temperatures—we’re talking 24 degrees Fahrenheit and -4 Celsius—the skeleton competitor bared his oiled up chest while walking through Beijing’s The Bird’s Nest during the Opening Ceremony on Feb. 4.

He was also told that he is a photographer and a model. Today‘s Savannah Guthrie said what we were all thinking: You might be right. You are also very courageous to show skin at these temperatures.

Following NBC’s Olympics hosts Mike Tirico explained, Crumpton—who also competed at the Tokyo Olympics—was wearing a “‘ie tōga, special finely woven mat decorated with red feathers,” Guthrie raved, “Well, he wears it well.” We couldn’t be more pleased.