Ruggiero was added to the cast DegrassiAfter initially auditioning to play Craig, Marco Del Rossi was cast as the fan favorite Marco Del Rossi.After becoming Canada’s first openly gay character, Marco Del Rossi was cast as the show’s first LGBTQ+ character. He also participated in the very first LGBTQ+ kiss on Canadian TV two years later.

Ruggiero graduated from Degrassi and was on the show one season. He tried to help some characters get to college. Later, he became a teacher. The whole circle.

Ruggiero, who came out in 2008, explained that Marco’s struggles with sexuality often mirror his personal struggle with it. Marco also used scenes from conversations with relatives to illustrate some of his moments. Maybe it’s art imitating life, or perhaps that’s what Degrassi intended. Ruggiero was an LGBTQ+ activist and said that he feels like he is living proof of the show’s goals. 

Ruggiero was host of the Canadian reality series from 2008 to 2012. NextHe hosted his own web series and was a host. Straight Talk with AdamoRuggiero Where he spoke with his ex-stars.