She was so infatuated by all the glamour that it brought, she started dressing up every day.

Parker explained that “I have 2 kids who go to private school, so my finances are a little different. But, you know what, just being able play a grownup women in her full glory inspired me.” Parker said, “Like why not I take my children to school in my fancy dress? How can I save? With all of this zoom stuff we can’t take out any more. It was then that I thought, “Let me try to pull myself together.” 

The actress shares two children with Kodjoe. They wed in 2005, and just last year, she starred in his upcoming directorial debut A safe room.

Although it was not easy to convince Parker, it wasn’t impossible.

“I had to beg and plead for her to be in it,” Kodjoe said. “I fell to my knees, and begged her for my quarterback. “She leads this incredible cast.”