Selena GomezCan hold her own against comedian legend Martin Short. We are not referring to their show. Nur Murders are allowed in the Building.

The co-stars appeared on the scene at the Theatre of Light on Sunday, February 27. SAG Awards for 2022I will present the award for Outstanding Female Performing Artist in Supporting Role. The Actor will be handed over immediately. West Side Story‘s Ariana DeBoseShort, Gomez, and Gomez had a bit of back-and forth. 

“Thanks so much. Short addressed the crowd, saying “You are very kind and correct.” “Wow, we’re here, at Shag Awards to honor this year’s most outstanding performance in adult movies.”

It has a serious tone. Wizards of Waverly PlaceAn alum joined the fray and said, “All good. It’s the SAG Awards.

Gomez continued to banter, pretending she was tired of her co-stars jokes and laughing that they were funny Father of the BrideThe audience should never want more from a star. Short made us giggle when he said that his joy was hard to describe because “Botox” is still “fresh”.

Short smiled wide and Gomez responded with a straight-man’s response. Mine, too.”